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July 9, 2020
While you may see a gale outside your window this weekend, we've got some ways to help calm any storm clouds gathering in your mind. From relaxing hobbies to meditation practice, take time to take care of yourself.
Reducing stress for better health
Want to take care of your body? Stress less. As part of an ongoing series of conversations about wellness, MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with two doctors about how stress affects our minds and bodies. Previous conversations include how to meditate and taking care of your mental health while parenting during a pandemic.
Art Hounds: Yuya Negishi's murals animate Twin Cities buildings
Negishi just finished a piece at Los Andes Latin Bistro; you can find several of his distinctive murals across the Twin Cities. Plus, Art Hounds recommend listening to Megan Kleven's "I Am" and paying a visit to "The Cut-Out Bar."
Looking to branch out beyond sourdough?
Author Beth Dooley shares her favorite easy recipes and some tips on how to successfully make your own yogurt, ricotta cheese and granola. And if you've still got the cooking bug, take a scroll through our Appetites collection for even more opportunities for fun in the kitchen.
Need to calm down? Look at this vase
Art can elicit all sorts of emotions, and what a lot of us need now is to feel relaxed. In less than 2 minutes the Asian Art Museum captures that vibe in this staff pick video. Take a deep breath and give it a watch.
How to seriously up your board game... game
Tabletop board games were experiencing something of a renaissance even before the pandemic. Now, with many folks having a lot more free time at home, the desire for games that require concentration and creativity seems to have grown even more. Check out this NPR article for some of the newest and best games the industry has to offer.
Minnesota Today podcast from MPR News
Minnesota Today from MPR News brings you the most important stories from around the state, on your schedule. Stay updated on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our state and communities in just 10 minutes every weekday. We are now including updates surrounding the killing of George Floyd and other top news.
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Ask a 'sotan: Have a question about Minnesota? Share it with us!
Where did Minnesota get its name? How did the state become the home of the Mall of America, Mayo Clinic, and the Spam MuseumIf you ever had a question like this about our state, share them with us. We'll track down the answer.

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